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The following services could improve your life dramatically: SOT Chiropractic, Cranial Dental Therapy, Craniopathy, and Neuro Emotional Technique.


Dr. Bloink is a board certified Craniopath, a specialist in Cranial Dental integration and a certified Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner. He is frequently asked to give lectures to doctors across the country and around the world.

The California Cranial Institute
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What Our Client’s Say

I usually describe Dr. Bloink as a genius! He’s an exceptional healer, gifted both medically and intuitively.

Diana Stork

Tom does this because there is something that touches him about doing this, like a musician playing in a band he loves. . . He’s a healer and that’s his art.

Armen Chakmakian
Grammy Award-Nominated Composer, Keyboardist & Recording Artist

Thank you very much for restoring my well being. I will always be grateful to you. Best wishes and love to you.

Internationally Acclaimed Vocalist

Dr. Bloink featured in ONE Foundation’s patient testimonials video.

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