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Dr. Bloink’s personal experience with serious injury, intense pain and the accompanying emotional trauma, has absolutely influenced his approach as a practitioner. He knows first hand the physical challenges, fears and trauma his patients face. He’s been there – and that fact is the driving force behind his commitment to helping others recover and improve their quality of life.

When Dr. Bloink was 19 he was injured in a car accident when hit by a drunk driver. Then at 21, in a freak accident, he tore his esophagus. Dr. Bloink spent two weeks in intensive care, and when released weighed 119 pounds and had to find a way to eat again. He describes, “The loss of confidence from being incapable of doing anything, and the resultant panic attacks, made it most difficult to express myself.” He met with a series of doctors, but none could effectively treat his pain. Then he was referred to a chiropractor, whose treatment enabled him to get his life back. This inspired him to pursue a career in the healing arts.

Dr. Bloink believes, “pain has an emotional component” and his forte is identifying the emotional component of the pain syndrome. Through NET Dr. Bloink “can get empathic with a patient immediately.” Regardless of what part of the body is affected, by getting deep into the NECs (Neuro Emotional Complexes) he is able to rid his patient of their pain or suffering. Dr. Bloink explains that by helping a patient change their feeling about a situation he is able to help them get well. “The faster I get them laughing the faster they get well.”

Dr. Bloink believes the future of the healing arts must embrace an integrative approach. Too often doctors and practitioners are focused on their own specialty, consequently limiting patients’ treatment options. The fact that “NET forces integration” is one of the reasons Dr. Bloink embraces the technique. He finds NET is naturally an integrative technique that can be utilized by a variety of practitioners. “NET integrates with any patient condition.”

Dr. Bloink’s private practice embraces the model of integrative medicine. His practice model is based on collaboration with other doctors and practitioners. “I work closely with exceptional doctors (orthodontists, dentists, oral surgeons). We take a cooperative multidisciplinary team approach to treating a patient’s specific needs. I also collaborate with general practitioners, specialists, other chiropractors and NET practitioners to ensure holistic care.”

As a practitioner, published researcher and presenter, Dr. Bloink supports the health and healing community in a variety of ways. When asked why he supports ONE, his response was simple, “The information (research) has got to get out there.”

(via The O.N.E. Foundation)

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