I usually describe Dr. Bloink as a genius! He’s an exceptional healer, gifted both medically and intuitively.

Diana Stork

Tom does this because there is something that touches him about doing this, like a musician playing in a band he loves. . . He’s a healer and that’s his art.

Armen Chakmakian
Grammy Award-Nominated Composer, Keyboardist & Recording Artist

Thank you very much for restoring my well being. I will always be grateful to you. Best wishes and love to you.

Internationally Acclaimed Vocalist

You helped my mother in giving her treatment that cured her arthritis. . . You’ve been a miracle worker in turning around a rather bad situation with my father who has been suffering from diabetes. . . His health and energy has had a complete turn around. . . plus his eyesight is now improving. Thanks for being an outstanding warrior for health, for life!

John M.

I was playing at the Mondavi Winery and Tom came back stage afterwards. He pointed out that one of my shoulders was crooked and asked me if I was in pain. In fact, I had been getting treatment for Carpal Tunnel syndrome. . . I’d been feeling pins and needles in my arm every time I played. I’d tried using a shorter strap, and a different pick, but it hadn’t done much good. . . Tom analyzed the whole problem. . . He said the problem was not Carpal Tunnel syndrome, it was in my shoulder and my wrists. I had some skepticism at first but he proved this point. I don’t see any other therapists now, just Tom. He checks on me whenever we’re into town.

Julio Fernandez
Guitarist – Spyro Gyro

The day after he treated me my drumming sounded like I had just begun the tour and was fifteen years younger. Everybody in the band remarked on it. I could see astonishment on their faces when I was playing!

Paul Wertico
Drummer – Pat Metheny Band

I truly believe that, if not for Dr. Bloink, I’d be spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Medical doctors could not find the cause or cure of my legs swelling which was affecting my ability to walk. Dr. Bloink took one look at the position of my legs and feet and knew what the problem was. From treatments 3 times a week to, now every six weeks, it will soon be every 3 months, etc. Thank you, Dr. Bloink! Your knowledge and caring, definitely has made a difference in my life.

Sue M.

There are no words to express my gratitude of having found you & for what you were able to ‘see’ & help me within days in what other doctors have failed at for years.

Tara C.